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Add Products Using CodeShop Button

Using 'CodeShop' button you can add products with your Wordpress regular posts or pages. Usually in Wordpress admin panel while you add posts or pages using menu as Posts -> Add New or Pages -> Add New then you should see the button above the text editor with the same line as Wordpress 'Add Media' button shows. You can know more about CodeShop menus and button with images for better understanding check understanding menus & button page documentation. If you want to setup a complete amazon affiliate shop / store on your wordpress site then you should use Codeshop -> Add New Products menu documentation page. So when you want to add or advertise Amazon products with your Wordpress regular posts or pages then click on 'CodeShop' button and then you should see modal window to search Amazon products and add them with your posts or pages, add products modal window should be shown as like image after you clicked on 'CodeShop' button -

codeshop add amazon products using button
Click on image to see large view

In search modal window you can select template to display your products, as default 'Two Columns Template' is selected but you can choose available templates using dropdown menu. 'Two Columns Template' means products will be shown as two columns view with your posts / pages, 'One Column Template' means products will be shown as single column view and so on. You need to enter your search text or keyword in search keyword input field and then click on Search button. When search completed then products based on your search input text will be shown as like sample image -

codeshop button search results
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Now you can choose all products or select products which ones you want to add with your wordpress regular post or page. When you are done to choose your products then just click on 'Add Shortcode' button and shortcode will be created automatically and added in your post or page text editor and modal window will disappear. You can also update later few parameters of Shortcode specially if you want to change products display template and how many products will be displayed per page. Below sample image of Shortcode added into text editor when cliked on 'Add Shortcode' button -

codeshop shortcode
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To change products display template you can use template = "product-two-columns" parameter, currently available template names for Shortcode are "product-one-column", "product-two-columns", "product-three-columns", "product-four-columns". If you want to change how many products will be shown on per page then you need to change parameter product_perpage = "6", as default shows 6 products per page but you can change as 10, 12 or whatever products per page display number works best for your post or page.