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CodeShop Menu - Settings

codeshop amazon setting fields
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Codeshop menu setting fields are required to work your Plugin properly. Since CodeShop is an Amazon Affiliate Plugin so you need to have few credentials which can be obtained through Amazon website. First you need to get your account security credentials through Amazon security credentials page. After you have amazon security credentials then you need to become an Amazon Associate.

Associates earn commissions by using their own websites to refer sales to Amazon. To get a commission, an Associate must have an Associate ID, also known as an Associate tag. The Associate ID is an automatically generated unique identifier that you will need to make requests through the Product Advertising API. Since our Plugin using Amazon products advertising API so you need to have Associate ID. Your Associate ID / Tag works only in the locale in which you register. If you want to be an Associate in more than one locale, then you must register separately for each locale. Below table shows all available locales / countries, so use the locale you want to register -

Locale / CountryURL
United Kingdomhttps://affiliate-program.amazon.co.uk
United Stateshttps://affiliate-program.amazon.com

Once you have completed your settings page information then you can add amazon products now.