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Pagination Settings

Products pagination will be created automatically for all added products, for your homepage, post pages or category pages based on your products per page display number settings. Usually there is a default number to display products per page for all standard templates. The three main standard template files are 'homepage.php', 'single-amazonproductshop.php' and 'archive-amazonproductshop.php' template files which has a coding line at top section of each template file shows below, but products_per_page paramater value can be different for different template files.

    	$amazon_products = Caaps_Template_Helper::get_amazon_products( $products_per_page = 12);

You just need to change the parameter value $products_per_page = 12, here 12 means show 12 products per page and pagination will be created automatically based on per page display products number, you can just change the number how many products you would like to show on your pages. Number shoud be greater than zero (0) any value you want to display products per page.