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Understanding Menus & Button

After you have installed plugin successfully then you should see Codeshop amazon affiliate Main Menu name as 'CodeShop' in your Wordpress Admin menus. You should see the main menu as shown in image -

codeshop amazon affiliate understadning main menu
Click on image to see large view

Main menu 'CodeShop' has several sub-menus, to keep the Plugin simple and user friendly it has only four sub menus -

  • All Products
  • Add New Products
  • Categories
  • Settings
Below image shown all sub-menus -
codeshop amazon affiliate sub menus
Click on image to see large view


Codeshop Amazon Affiliate Plugin has a button 'CodeShop' which should be shown on your Wordpress regular Posts / Pages when you will add new posts / pages. The button 'CodeShop' shows above text-editor at the same line where you have Wordpress 'Add Media' button. 'CodeShop' button helps you to add / advertise Amazon products with your Wordpress regular Posts / Pages. The button should be shown as like image below -

codeshop button
Click on image to see large view

Before make the amazon affiliate plugin work you need to put amazon affiliate related credentials at Setting page.