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Posted By: Michael Lanfield
Hello. Just downloaded your plugin and it seems a good fit for my site. I will gladly donate if this plugin if it suits my needs and also if it is updated periodically.

First, the page
I want to change it to store, both the URL and the title. However, whenever I do this, it keeps reverting back to Amazon Product Shop and creating a new store page with nothing on it. How to fix this to get my store page at to work?

Secondly, I would like the categories available on the store page as a menu or something so the users can click on a category they wish. How to do this?

Thirdly, in the same store page, I would like to edit the title and image size of the item. How to do this?

Forth, is there a way for my registered site users to buy all the products they wish without leaving my site and to add all those products to Amazon shopping cart and after finishing, have them go and finalized their order through Amazon? It seems every product they click (on my site) to purchase, redirects them to Amazon. Is there any way to keep them on our site while they shop until they are ready to pay? Thanks

Posted By: CodeApple - Support
Thanks for your interest about the plugin. , where 'amazon-product-shop' is page slug which should be unique according to wordpress, so we did make this page slug during installation so it can be unique and does not conflict with other plugins using short page slugs like 'shop', 'store' etc. But you can change the page title 'Amazon Shop' what you want through wordpress dashboard 'Pages' menu. You can set the amazon shop product page as your homepage where slug 'amazon-product-shop' will not be shown ( docs here ).

You can show all your categories ( products are added to those categories ) through 'Amazon Shop Categories' widget at Dashboard Appearance-> Widgets. You can check where all product categories are shown at right sidebar.

About your last query we didn't add yet cart system so where users can add products and when they want to pay will be redirected to amazon to by one or more products together, we have plan in future to add this features.

We will update few more features soon.
If you want more customized solutions of plugin to suit as you want with your website then you may contact directly at our support

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