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Posted By: politicsrecycled
I installed and do NOT get this button. my theme does have an added plugin for a slider, which is in your location. is that the problem?

Codeshop Amazon Affiliate Plugin has a button 'CodeShop' which should be shown on your Wordpress regular Posts / Pages when you will add new posts / pages. The button 'CodeShop' shows above text-editor at the same line where you have Wordpress 'Add Media' button. 'CodeShop' button helps you to add / advertise Amazon products with your Wordpress regular Posts / Pages. The button should be shown as like image below -

Posted By: politicsrecycled
I do not have a secret api key. I have an api key that was issued several years and computers ago, i no longer can find the secret code, and amazon no longer issues them I got one of their new codes, but that does not work either.
How do I use your widget?

Posted By: CodeApple - Support
As your first query you should see the 'CodeShop' button usually with your Wordpress admin area, that means after logged in as admin in your Wordpress dashboard when you add Wordpress regular posts/ pages using admin menu as Add new posts / pages then you should see the button 'CodeShop' usually as like image shown below of this doc page, though Codeshop Amazon Affiliate plugin has been tested all Wordpress 4.4+ versions, hope you are using any Wordpress version 4.4+ ,It should not conflict as you mentioned above as your first query. If using old versions of Wordpress then please upgrade your Wordpress version and check.

As your second query, you need to have some credentials to work the plugin described detail on settings doc page, and remember your locale / country you have created your associate tag and that country / locale should be set properly in your settings page, like if you have created associate tag for UK then you should set that country to work it, else it will not work with other locales. This Amazon forum topic can check if it helps.

To use widget you need to use your wordpress admin dashboard menu Appearance->Widgets , you should see 'Amazon Shop Categories' widget and you just drag and drop in your active sidebar, so your theme should have sidebar enabled / active then you can see all your added amazon products categories / subcategories into sidebar.

Posted By: politicsrecycled
Amazon does not, NO LONGER, DOES NOT - issue secret keys any longer.
the Iaws new system issued me a new key, new secret key. I had the user listed as my wp sign on.???
still does not work. keeps getting 'fail'
what am i doing wrong?

Posted By: CodeApple - Support
May be your secret credentials are not registered for amazon products advertising API. This youtube video will help you how to do this. And also this amazon forum topics will let you know more. Hope this will solve your problem, if you want to know more about Getting Started with Product Advertising API then check amazon docs

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