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Posted By: politicsrecycled
I have a WP blog site I am trying to monetize with amazon in some places.
I installed your widget that asks for account security credentials.
CodeShop Amazon Affiliate plugin.
I generated a priv/pub code in the AWS system and neither work.
do the role and user names have to reflect my wp id?

Posted By: CodeApple - Support
First you need to confirm your products advertising API credentials are working okay then you can add / advertise products with your Wordpress regular posts / pages. We have replied about how to retrieve your credentials properly for products advertising API here. When you put your credentials into CodeShop -> Settings page and after click on save button you will see ''Test Settings' button to test / check your credentials working okay or not, if you see success message after click on "Test Settings" button then you are ready to add / advertise amazon products with your Wordpress regular posts / pages.

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