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Posted By: politicsrecycled
Is there anyway to change the size of the image? I can not see it unless I do a page view after it is updated in draft. I looked at the code do not see any size - ie- dimensions like in in an 'iframe'. But I am not a programmer, so I may not know it if it is a different format, etc.
Is there a way? I would like to use this within content, but the image is way too big.

Posted By: CodeApple - Support
Usually main three basic image variations - 'SmallImage', 'MediumImage' and 'LargeImage' provided by amazon products API can be used in your templates, except 'product-one-column.php' template others are using 'MediumImage' size and one column template using 'LargeImage' size. So under the folder 'amazonshop-templates' in your codeshop amazon affiliate plugin directory or if you moved under your theme directory (recommended cause plugin upgrade into new version will not remove your customizations) you need to see all template files showing products - 'product-four-columns.php' , 'product-three-columns.php', 'product-two-columns.php' and 'product-one-column.php' open those files and you should find names as index parameters 'SmallImage', or 'MediumImage' or 'LargeImage' , so you can change which one you want to use as your image size, so if you want to replace 'MediumImage' size with 'SmallImage' size then template files you are using you need to open that and replace all 'MediumImage' name with 'SmallImage', be careful about index parameters names cause they are case sensitive, should be same mentioned here else can break your image display, and also you can change corresponding style-sheets to display images to work perfectly with your running theme which can be found under at 'amazonshop-templates/assets/css' directory.

More about template customizations are explained on documentation

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